Black Deer Festival: A Weekend Escape into the World of Americana and Country!

(Photo by Lindsay Melbourne)

From the moment we arrived at Eridge Park  (set amidst the stunning Kent countryside in Tunbridge Wells) we were greeted by a sea of people wearing cowboy hats, all congregating for one purpose for the next 3 days, Americana and country music! 

(Photo by Jo Pinner)

The musical lineup at the Black Deer Festival proved to be an success. Spanning multiple stages, it featured an eclectic mix of established artists and rising talents.  From soul-stirring ballads to foot-stomping hoedowns, the music resonated with the crowd, eliciting an electric energy that flowed through the entire festival site.

(Photo by Lindsay Melbourne)

We had the opportunity to discover new artists while also enjoying unforgettable performances from renowned acts. The Pretenders, Bonnie Raitt, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, The Teskey Brothers & Steve Earle, all leading the way in huge interest and singalongs from the crowds. Damian Lewis released his debut album on Friday and was able to perform it live for all to hear. Kelly Jones from Sterophonics performing with Patty Lynn under the name “Far From Saints” had released their debut album the same day too! 

(Photo by Lindsay Melbourne)

The Songwriting Sessions were worth a break from the main stage, these involved a group of artists, playing some of their songs, complete with stories behind them. 

(Photo by: Louise Roberts)

Beyond the music, Black Deer Festival offered a plethora of enriching experiences. The workshops and talks provided insights into various aspects of Americana culture, from songwriting and instrument craftsmanship to whiskey tasting and BBQ cooking. The emphasis on promoting local artisans and vendors added an authentic touch to the festival, with a range of handcrafted goods, delicious food, and refreshing beverages available throughout the site. 

One aspect that deserves special mention is the sense of community that permeated the festival. Black Deer Festival fostered an environment where strangers became friends, and connections were formed through a shared love for music and the outdoors. The friendly and inclusive atmosphere was contagious, with fellow festival-goers readily engaging in conversations inbetween acts. We spoke to one woman who said she didn’t know much about Americana music, but was impressed by how talented all the artists were and how passionately they performed their music. When asked if she would attend next year, “Absolutely without a doubt” was her response.

(Photo by Lindsay Melbourne)

Whether you’re a devoted fan of the genre or simply seeking a unique and memorable festival experience, Black Deer Festival is an absolute must-attend event. We cannot recommend it enough, and eagerly look forward to returning again in the future!

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Harry Styles is back with his 3rd solo album called “Harry’s House” where he invites us all to his latest house warming world.
You don’t have to be a “Harrie”, a term to describe his very loyal fans to enjoy this album. However Harry’s House is going to be a very much loved album of the Harries!

The album opens with a funky uptempo song ‘Music For A Sushi Restuarant’ a 70s vibe all over it. ‘Late Night Talking’, ‘As It Was’ and ‘Satellite’ will be the songs that will get stuck in your head.
‘Little Freak’, ‘Matilda’, ‘Boyfriends’ are the slower paced songs of the album the ones where you will listen to Harry showing his love and support .

Enjoy it for what is, an album that will defintely be on a playlist for the summer of 2022! An album that is refreshing and with the way the world has been in the past few months and even few years, it is something we all need.

Track Listing:

Music for a Sushi Restaurant’

Late Night Talking


As It Was


Little Freak




Keep Driving



Love of My Life